A selection of commonly asked questions. If you can't find an answer, please email support@optimist.org.au


Please email support@optimist.org.au with your Order Number, with the changes you require.

Please email support@optimist.org.au with your Order Number, with the changes you require.

No. All competitors receive a ticket to these two events. 

To provide an efficient catering service for the Welcome & Presentation nights,   the buffet selection offered will be the only catering available over this event.    Parents, friends, other siblings may purchase additional tickets via the  OptiAUS online shop.   If you do not require a meal you may still attend the event.

To allow RQYS to ensure they have sufficient catering supplies for each event, please puchase additional tickets by 26 December.  

The refund policy, and details of how to request a refund, can be found here.

Payment for goods and services at the Nationals event can be made via:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • AMEX

RQYS are hoping to have a Spectator Boat available at the event, register your interest with the Reception Desk at RQYS on arrival.   

On Site Chandlery will be available thanks to XSP, the official charter operator for the event.   The XSP on site office is located in first  the car park area on the left as you arrive at RQYS (site map mark 10) . 


The large club area and event marquee area will provide protect from the weather.   We suggest you bring your own chair to use in the opti boat park and personal shade for the opti boat park.

The NOR for the Nationals states

3. Eligibility

3.6  Competitors competing in the championship shall sail only in boats correctly registered or in boats supplied by the official charter supplier for the championship. See NOR clause 15. 


8. Measurement 

8.1  All boats in Open and Intermediate Fleet shall produce a Sail Measurement Certificate and IODA Measurement Book with the relevant sailor’s details duly entered in the AIODA Boat Register. Green Fleet boats shall comply with Attachment 1 of this NOR. 


Attachment 1. Green Fleet 

In the Green Fleet equipment used is not required to hold current measurement certificates (alters International Optimist Class rule 2.4.1) however the following measurement criteria still apply as a minimum: 

a. Hull: the hull to be used shall carry a valid ISAF/IYRU plaque;
b. Sail: the sail shall carry a properly allocated and registered sail number and an IODA sail button; and
c. Equipment: shall carry all safety equipment listed in the equipment checklist. 


The relevant Optimist Class Rules state

2.4.1  No boat is permitted to race in the class unless it has a valid measurement certificate. 

This rule may be suspended in the case of charter boats at any event with the permission of the IODA Executive Committee. 


What this means for sailors entering the Nationals is, you either use your own boat, correctly registered in your name, or a charter boat with a sail displaying the sail number from your own correctly registered boat. 

If you are in green fleet, your boat needs to be registered with the AIODA registrar and have a proper sail number, but you don’t have to show the measurement book or sail measurement form at registration.


If you lease a boat from your sailing club and want to use that boat at the Nationals, please bring a copy of the measurement book first page showing the club as owner, and a copy of the lease agreement, as well as a copy of the insurance policy for the boat. Check that the club boat has racing foils, as school or training foils are not race legal.


In the case of Overseas sailors, they can either use a charter boat or bring their own boat. If they use their own boat, they must bring the measurement book showing the boat is correctly registered in their countries’ Optimist Register. Overseas sailors using a charter boat with their own sail, must bring a sail measurement certificate for their sail.


If anyone has any questions, please email me at aiodaregistrar@gmail.com or give me a call on 0422 995 711.


Emma Short

AIODA Registrar.

Once you have gone through the Measurement process and you have your signed  “Open & Intermediate fleet Safety & Equipment Inspection form” and for Green Fleet the " Safety Check form "  - you may then proceed with this form to the Registration area.

At the first desk .. you  will need to confirm : Your sail number, date of birth, name at the first stop, then you may pick up your Welcome pack.

Let the Measurer know as you go through the Measurement tent, they will take your sail and have another Measurer complete this for you to collect later.  The “Safety & Measurement form” will be signed with a note that the sail is presently being measured – you will still be able to Register with this.

You will need to pay for your sail to be measured via the OptiAUS Shop, the cost of Measurement of sail is $50 and  meaurement of numbers is $20. 

You can find Nationals related documents here:

Nationals Documents & Information

Marina berths at RQ – will only be available to those who have purchased a 2018 Support Boat package = $100 which includes : Marina Berth, trailer storage, $50 fuel card.

The Support boat flag and fuel card will be supplied at the Event Services Desk.  The fuel card will have $50 credit loaded onto it, after this amount is used, further fuel purchases may be made by using : Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club cards to purchase fuel. 
When using the credit card facility you will be required to use your 4 digit PIN (related to that specific card) and Credit Card surcharges apply


You can find a great amount of information on getting started HERE.


The Optimist halyard system with the Antal Ring instead of the pulley is not class legal and is not permitted for use in the International Optimist class. 


The reasons are as follows


1 - 

Rule  Only the lower end of the sprit shall be made fast to the mast. The only methods of attachment and adjustment of the lower end of the sprit shall be by means of:

(a) A rope or wire rope loop in conjunction with a toothed rack.The maximum dimensions of the toothed rack are: Length 150 mm

Width 20 mm

Thickness 3 mm

Height of tooth 10 mm 


(b) A halyard consisting of not more than two parts of rope or rope/wire combination,with no more than two single sheave blocks, to obtain no more than a double “Purchase” plus one hole or one eye, and one cleat which are fastened on the mast. The way of attaching the blocks on the lower end of the sprit or on the mast is optional. The sprit shall not be adjustable from aft of the mid-ship frame.

Under class rule part b, the halyard may have 2 single sheave blocks only to obtain the purchase. 

The rule doesn't say that a fair lead or Antal ring can be used in the halyard only 2 single sheave blocks. 


Rule 1.2  The Optimist is a One-Design Class Dinghy. Except where these rules specifically permit variations, boats of this class shall be alike in hull form, construction, weight and weight distribution, rigging spars and sail plan.

Note: In deciding whether an item is permitted it should be noted that, in a One-Design Class, unless the rules specifically state that something is permitted it shall be assumed to be prohibited. 

The Optimist Class rules  is a set of  "closed class rules". This means that if the rules don't say you can do it then you can't 

There for the use of a Antal Ring in the sprit halyard instead of a pulley is not class legal and is not permitted for use in our class



“Draft Lines” are not allowed to be on Optimist sails and they are illegal and are not to be on a sail used at any Regatta, State titles, nationals titles or any other event that is being run under the International Optimist Class Rules.

The current Class Rules Dated the 3-1-2016 state

Rule 1.2 

The Optimist is a one design class dinghy. Except where these rules specifically permit variation, boats of this class shall be alike in hull form, construction, weight and weight distribution, rigging spars and sail plan. 

Note: in deciding whether an item is permitted it should be noted that in One Design Class, Unless the rules specifically state that something is permitted it shall be assumed to be prohibited.

Rule 6.1.2

Anything not specifically permitted by these rules is prohibited, see also CR. 1.2

Optimist sails with Draft Lines on them CAN'T be used at any Regatta run under Optimist Class Rules and that the sail will be deemed to be Illegal and not a class legal sail.